Did you know that the only kosher McDonald’s outside Israel is in Buenos Aires? That fact speaks to both the size of the Argentine Jewish population and how many of them follow traditional dietary laws. But it also suggests how assimilated Argentine Jews are. Argentines consume more beef per capita than any other people in the world: why should Argentine Jews be different?
Aside from that McDonald’s, a map of kosher restaurants and establishments geared to the Orthodox is published. Among the restaurants listed are at least three that serve sushi and others that serve the favorite Argentine food after steak and hamburgesas – pizza. Numerous shops catering to Jews sell religious items, books, wigs and garments acceptable to the Orthodox.
The question of exactly how many Jews there are in Argentina is one of debate. Reputable sources cite figures that range from a low of 184,500 to a high of 595,000. (The national population is 38 million.)
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